Google authorship markup is going to be a powerful tool in creating a trustworthy web. While, right now, the advantages of using Google authorship markup are not yet at their own full potential, and limited to having the author picture previewed within related search results, the earlier you start to integrate Google authorship markup on your website, the better.

Integrating Google authorship markup is a straightforward process which takes less than 2 minutes. Here, we see how to embed Google+ profile authorship markup on a blog.

Step 1:
Create your Google Profile on
If you already have a profile, copy the full url

Step 2:
Place the Google authorship markup on your website. Use the format:

Step 3:
Update your Google Profile with your link(s). Click Edit profile, then click the Links box on the right of the page and add the link(s) you want.

It is as simple as this, and the advantages will be substantial!

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