Being resilient is the fourth component of AmAre. We can make our lives pleasant, engaging and meaningful, starting from here and now; we can make our lives worth living at their fullest. Difficulties are also part of life, in order to be happy we need to acknowledge this. We need to develop the strength to bounce back when we perceive the situation has not favourable to us. All phenomena, especially natural ones, can be perceived in different ways by different people, or even in different ways by the same person other time: a day of rain may be all the farmer wishes for, but maybe that is not what the soon-to-be wife and husband wishes to happen on their wedding day.

Being resilient means we are going to develop our awareness, build our motivation and being act accordingly, even when the current situation is tough. Being resilient does not mean to be a bullet which goes in one direction no matter what; there are situations when, based on changing context, we need to revise our course of action. Even in this case, we are resilient to make the best for all, embracing change.

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