Being motivated is the second component of AmAre. Being motivated means that, after starting to be more aware, we cultivate our motivation to live joyfully and be kind to all. Initially, we may decide to be kind because so people are kind to us; with our experiences, feeded back resulting in improved awareness, we understand it is good to be kind because we, as different as we are, all share the same aspiration and right to be happy. Being motivated means to have an intention to live happily, knowing happiness is lasting only when it is shared.

When we pursue a specific goal in our daily life, being motivated means to know what we want to do, and grow the energies necessary to move into Being Active.

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  • Diwakar says:

    pls.give details in marathi for better understand

  • Luz says:

    Reading this article give me more motivation to continue whith the live that i have dealing with my sick parents and praying daily for more energy to continue taking care of them. Thanks for your kin words.

  • Frank says:

    Thanks Luz for visiting us, and for your kind words. Sending warm wishes to you and your parents, and thanks for your example of being a caring person.

    Peace and metta,


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