Being active to put in practice what we learn is extremely important. That shows to us if we are motivated enough, and also provide a loop of thinking-acting-rethinking which is the way to progress. Holistic living is a state of mind, and also a state of action. One basic example about the importante of being active. We can find online thousands of tasty recipes, but even if we learn them by heart, they do not feed us. We can also find many advices about empowering people and solving the world’s challenges; words and speeches are as important as the actions they inspire.

If you are active in business, and want to being holistically active in business, consider social entrepreneurship: doing well for other people, while also achieving financial results. While we do not suggest you leave your current daily-job and start a new activity from scracth, start thinking about it and work with what you have at hand, here and now. Can you introduce in your existing career some forms of social entrepreneurship? Can you current business/employer have a double bottom-line, one for positive social impact, and one for share-holders?

Social change starts from within, and it is tangible only when it is implemented in our surroundings. It is great to be aware and meditate about loving kindness and wishing the best for the world. Still, that unfortunately brings no bread on the tables of the people who need it the most, only by being active with others we can make a difference.

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