The decades to come are going to be full of changes, they will make for really interesting times; but nothing is as interesting as the present moment, because that is all we ever have. is here to facilitate your happiness, and make easier to be part of the change we want to see in the World, here and now, instead of been passive spectators waiting for the future to happen.

We are aware of what we can do for you, and also of what we cannot do. If your health condition requires medical attention, you are taking medications, etc. or you feel in any way the need to speak with a doctor, please do so. A specialist who has a direct interaction with you knows better what is the best way to address your medical requests.

What motivates usĀ  is the altruistic fact that, as beings, we all have the same right to happiness. Also, from the understanding that, while happiness starts from within, people are not happy in a vacuum: we live happily, so people around us can benefit from it as well. It is not only personal development, it is about inclusiveness.

Our actions are carried on online (to reach a wide audience, and create a leverage effect) and in our communities. The closer we are to our field of action, the more effective are our Contribution to a happier society.

We also found out the need for being resilient, in order to keep fulfilling our mission even when conditions are not facilitating it, and to feed ourselves with appropriate food, for our bodies and minds (including Dhamma, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, psychology).

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