Meditating can be done in a non-sectarian or religious way. Praying is a form of meditation, loving kindness is contemplated in meditation, meditating may also be a way to relax the mind. It can be done standing, sitting, walking, and it has also been said that sleeping may be the most effective form of meditation.

We cannot explain meditation in a couple of paragraphs, so that is done with our blog and videos. Please refer to them for more. The only point we want to make here is that, even if you can’t/don’t want to commit to regular meditation practice, if you believe in one religion, likely you already experienced meditation as part of it. On the other hand, if you want to meditate in an applied way, to achieve specific goals, that is also possible in a non-sectarian framework.

Let’s consider to dedicate, every day, at least five-ten minutes to rerun in our mind what we have done. Then, think about what we could have done differently, without attachment. Then, think about what is along our path for the coming day, trying to learn a lesson from today. This is better done in the late afternoon, when we have lived enough part of the day to make a summary, but not in the evening, when it is better to relax and leave analysis for another time.

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