Amare, this very positive and important verb which is so dear to the passionate and family-loving Italian culture, also happens to make sense in English language:  (I) Am (We) Are. Call it unity, non-duality, oneness, interconnectedness, etc. it summarizes there is no Am without Are, and no Are without Am. While, in the conventional sense, we do have our own personalities and lives, power of making choices and doing good, we are also interdependent.

This stands as a middle way, equally distant from absolutism (everything exists by itself) and nihilism (nothing exists). We exist, here and now, but our existence is possible only thanks to the whole. Think about a seed: it can grow into a strong, tall, green tree; the information necessary to make it grow are part of the seed itself, but the nutrients and nourishing, come from the sun, the rain, the land. And the land is fertilized also thanks to the residue of the trees which were there before, plus other elements.

So, we do have the power to make choices, to make lives better, to tale appropriate actions; at the same time, we exist thanks to our surroundings, that is also one reason why it is very important to think carefully about what we do, where we go, etc. because we can confuse what we do with what we are.

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