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  • ratneswar chakma says:

    From heart and soul: when man work together with one and another, understanding and helping each other with out separation and racism and by respecting elders and giving loves to all younger s”the man can bring peace and harmony on this earth.

  • David Glover says:

    Transformational Entertainment News (aka T E N) tells you how the entertainment industry transform and reshape our lives through music, theater, film and television in particular, and now through technology.

    T E N highlights entertainers, creators, etc. – from amateurs to professionals to superstars- who have gone beyond the measure of star-gazing entertainment to become advocates and contributors to social and environmental causes, and world peace.

    T E N encourages spirituality as an alternative to drugs, alcohol, chain smoking, over-eating, for many of life’s challenging problems, such as trying to get to the “top”, staying there, feeling overwhelmed by pressures of success, abusiveness through violent behavior, etc.

    “T E N Profile” is the interview section that will always feature artists that have demonstrated “transformation” in their lives to something good; artists who have created works that promote social changes; or artists who have worked with others who have overcome major challenges in their lives.

    Oops, sorry, but there will be no gossip column. In other newspapers where gossip lives, we’re positive.


  • Rev: Rahula Nanda says:

    According to the Buddha there are three main causes of all our problems.They are craving for pleasure, Craving for existence or becoming,and craving for annihilation.These three kinds of craving are interrelated.Craving for pleasure creates craving for existence. existence create many other problems, such as anger, destructive and aggressive attitudes, ultimately manifesting themselves as craving for nonexistence or self annihilation..( Whither Mankind?..K Sri Dhammananda )

  • Suresh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a Ph.D. scholar in the Department of buddhist Studies, University of Jammu, jammu (J&K), INDIA and keen to participate in the forthcoming conference. i am pursuing my Ph.D. on CORE ISSUES IN BUDDHIST ETHICS: ITS RELEVANCE AND IMPACT IN MODERN AGE.

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