From the World’s Most Liveable City,”How to be happier: inspirations from Vancouver” offers 84 minutes of views, ideas and approaches to live a happier life. Personalities from civil society, spirituality, religion, etc. provide their insights on cultivating a happier life. Dialogues are presented in this order:

* A – Aware and Accepting
* M – Meaningful and Motivated
* A – Active and Attentive
* R – Resilient and Respectful
* E – Eating properly and Exercising

We will start taping this documentary in April 2011. If you want to bring to our attention any researcher, inspirer, leader, etc. who you consider suitable for interview, please contact us!

Vancouverites who already kindly agreed to be part of the documentary (last update March 25th 2011):
Arnold Guanco (Photographer)
Cynnamon Schreinert (Publicist)
David Mivasair (Rabbi)
Jannet Ann Nordemann (Founder of the Canadian Charter for Compassion; visiting Vancouver in April)
Junaid (Sufi meditator)
Rachel Sentes (Book publicist)
Robin-Lynn Braun de Sierra (First Violinist, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) and Mauricio Sierra (Lead Designer, CTV; artist)
Sarah Hea (TM teacher)
Shannon White (RPN; Child Psychiatry; Positive Parenting)
Tabasom Eblaghie (Registered Clinical Counsellor)

The documentary will also contain footage, kindly provided by Tourism Vancouver, to to briefly showcase the beauty of Vancouver and its surroundings.

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