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The abbot of the International Zen Center Mu Sang Sa Temple, Mushin sunim, explains the meanings of the Platform Sutra.

Lecture 18 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 6)
Lecture 17 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 5)
Lecture 16 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 4)
Lecture 15 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 3)
Lecture 14 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 2)
Lecture 13 Opportunities and Conditions (Part 1)
Lecture 12 Repentance and Reform (Part 2)
Lecture 11 Repentance and Reform (Part 1)
Lecture 10 Sitting in Zen (Part 2)
Lecture 9 Sitting in Zen (Part 1)
Lecture 8 Samadhi and prajna (Part 2)
Lecture 7 Samadhi and prajna (Part 1)
Lecture 6 Prajna and Wisdom (Part 2)
Lecture 5 Prajna and Wisdom (Part 1)
Episode 4 Sharing the Dharma
Episode 3 Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng
Episode 2 Meeting the Fifth Patriarch Hongren
Episode 1 The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng’s First Awakening

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