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Yoga teacher training in Vancouver: there are many opportunities to be trained as yoga teacher in Vancouver. Please see below some videos on the subject:

Large Yoga Teacher Training Classes in Vancouver? Think Again!

Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training: Intro

Yoga Teacher Training: Meet Teacher Trainers in Vancouver

Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver

Please join us on

On Friday, February 7, 2014, we meet at the Downtown Robert Lee YMCA. Enter the door, take elevator/walk to “-1″ and look for the meeting room. We’ll be there. This is an event to support YMCA’s work with children and the local community, the suggested minimum entry donation is $5 per person. This is how the gathering may unfold:

– Eckhart Tolle recorded meditation

– Eckhart Tolle video: Listening and sharing 1

– Break

– Eckhart Tolle video: Listening and sharing 2

I can do it Vancouver 2014

February 7, 2014

“I can do it Vancouver 2014″ is already around the corner at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! Register now to get a special rate on Select “View all”, and then Vancouver 2014.

“I can do it Vancouver 2014″ brings you Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Doreen Virtue Caroline Myss Robert Holden, Ph.D. Sonia Choquette Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Anita Moorjani Joe Dispenza, D.C. Alex Woodard James Van Praagh Dr. Eric Pearl John Pierre Nancy Levin.