A Man’s Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons by Jim Cloughley is launching November 30, 2011.

If you spent any time thinking about the following questions you are not alone:
– Where do you fit in as a man in the world now?
– What is expected of you when you think about your home life, your work life and your family life?
– Do you ever feel confused, even overwhelmed, by your role as the bread winner, provider, protector, competitor or warrior?

Although the characters are fictional, the issues are real. Follow the story of a disillusioned young man in his mid-teens who did not receive the benefit of having a father guide, of the trials of a single mother who struggles with understanding the realm of manhood and of a man who knows how difficult it can be to stay true to himself as a man in today’s world.

Develop skills, learn techniques and uncover the lessons life has to teach so that you can create a life filled with balance and promise, peace and happiness. Live life as a man in today’s world and do it with passion and excitement. The important others in your life will be grateful you did.

More information on: http://inspiredauthorscircle.com/jim-cloughley/

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