We learnt that the only time-frame where it is possible to act is here and now. The current situation is already showing trends which will likely become even stronger in the future. First, Seon will continue to spread from Country to Country, from generation to generation, renewing itself as river water does when running through stones. Seon, not having the dogmatic and academic approach which often become heavy constrain to adaptation to local and contemporary needs, being dynamic and engaged with a better World (as in the overall Mahayana tradition) where what we need to know is already in front of us, and the Buddha nature is recognized as the true state of the mind, is ready to become even more widespread.

By using modern technologies, in a World where West and East already exchanged their views and values, a mode democratic, family/lay-person conscious, practical approach to Buddhism is key to improve society. While online experience is not a substitute for “traditional” approach, together they make more feasible to practice Seon on a daily basis.

This is the last part off Zen: from China to cyberspace free booklet. You can download for free the whole book here.

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