Beautiful Haida Gwaii I so much adore

From the east to the rugged western shores

From the Tow hill beaches south to Cape St. James.

That these Islands I love no one me can blame.

Where the giant Sitka spruce and cedar grows,

Where the Haida warriors carved their war canoes.

Where on rocky beaches white-foamed breakers pound;

On these Haida Islands unspoiled nature’s found.

Where the Yakoun River slowly winds its way

Through a dense rainforest north to Yakoun Bay

Past majestic mountains reaching to the sky.

Snow capped peaks, green valleys, mystic Haida Gwaii.

Where the faller’s axe still echoes through the trees,

Where the salmon fleet is fishing on high seas,

Where the black bear roams and sea lions abound,

Eagles, ravens, falcons, killer whales are found.

Haida, Masset, Port Clements, Justkatla, Tlell

Face Pacific waters which I know so well.

Skidegate, Queen Charlotte, Sandspit by the sea,

All of Moresby Island is a paradise to me.

Oh my Haida Gwaii I love evermore

Where Pacific waves are crashing onto shore.

Like green-sparkling emeralds on the deep blue sea.

These enchanted Islands will never set me free!

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