Peace recipe – International Peace Day 2010 is our small contribution for the International Peace Day 2010. It builds on other booklets we released so far. It shows that living peacefully is the way to Peace. If you want to read our Peace recipe, click here to download it for free

Before and after (or, if you are really in a hurry, instead of) reading Chapter One, please think about this:

– is peace about attitudes, and also the results of such attitudes? Why is peace often seen, mistankely, as a place to reach?

– how do we start living peacefully? By understanding who/what really counts in life? Understanding that, often, the more things we own, the more things own us, and that the struggle to get more in our daily life is not helping at all World Peace?

– when we look at the context where we are here and now, what about thinking in terms of degrees of appropriateness, instead of only right or wrong? Why to see only in black and white, when we can enjoy a full spectrum of colors in between?

Before and after (or, if you are really in a hurry, instead of) reading Chapter Two, please think about this:

– which external factors facilitate peace?

– which external factors make peace more difficult?

– which external factors are neutral, peace-wise?

– it is often said that “repetition makes perfect”. In reality, it is more about “repetition makes behavior lasting”. What do we want to make lasting, in order to live in peace?

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