Rokelle Lerner gives her lecture about “Narcissus Meets Buddha: Transforming Narcissistic Relationships”.

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  • Gabby says:

    First of all your book, “Reflection” has saved my sanity and let me see the reality of my 25 year marriage. I left.
    My question concerns the relationship between ADD and ADHD and Narcissism, if any.
    My 23 year old grandson lives with me. I don’t know if his behavior is narcisstically driven, ADD, or out and out self-centered behaviors of today’s youth. His father, my son, died from an overdose when he was barely 9 years old. His mother is a drug addict and he wants no contact with her. He has recently entered AA himself and in many ways is doing well, but his ability to access his responsibilities is barely a 2 on a scale of 10.
    Have any studies approached this possible connection? Are there classes, or therapies which offer hope for the younger narcissist? thank you for your soonest response.

  • Donna Beckman says:

    I read “Object of my Affection is in my Reflection”. My daughter is the narcissist in my life. She is a 37 yr old single Mom with a 7 yr old daughter. How do I help my daughter & granddaughter? Is there another book I can read that addresses that scenerio?

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