About letting go
We are all afraid of a loss. The causes of being afraid are multiple.

Something gives us pleasure, so we do not want to lose it; something strengthen our ego, always eager to find confirmation of how important it is, so we fear that by losing it, we can even lose our identity; someone is important for us, so we want her/him to be with us forever; etc.

The reason for letting go is one: by letting go, we are free.

Free from dependance, from attachment; free from fear, free for life. How many people we met in our lives, and how many are no longer with us? Letting go means wishing all the best to them, and let them go in the directions they set for themselves, if any. How many goals, dreams and targets we set for ourselves, just to give up or, even more common, to understand – as soon as we achieved them – they provide no lasting happiness? Letting go means finding inner meaning. Etc.

How can learn to let go? Letting go is a skill we can all nurture, even when we feel it is not part of our nature yet. Meditation can help. While it is always advisable to learn meditation together with an instructor, these are simple steps you can follow:
– pick a situation, person, etc. that you want to let go. Start with a very small one.
– sit comfortably, on a chair, in lotus position, etc. Just sit
– relax your body
– relax your mind
– breath in
– breath out
– be aware of your breath
– visualize a soap bubble
– put the situation/person inside the bubble
– visualize the bubble going up and down, move by the wind
– the bubble lands on a lotus flower, and vanishes

About attention
Let’s thing for a second about emptiness. Why is a cup of tea useful? For its decorations? No, it is useful for its emptiness, for the space where we can pour tea. After a letting go exercise, we made space to receive new tea. And think about what matters: giving attention to people, here and now.

Money, praise, rewards, etc. all are considered important in our society. However, attention speaks clearer than everything else. Why does attention matter? Because it is personal, and is highly appreciated both in terms of quality and quantity. Quality, is about making a deep connection with the person to whom we give attention. Quantity, is about time. And time is the ultimate currency.

No meditation required here 🙂 Just a bit of imagination. There is a 86400 lottery drawing, we were automatically entered into it with no action required from our side. The odds to win this lottery are extremely slim, but someone has to win it and we did it! On a daily basis, we receive a very generous prize: $86400 are wired to our private account for personal use, each morning.

This award comes with some restrictions:
– any amount left unspent is taken back by the lottery, we cannot carry it forward. Each day at 00:01 AM, we receive another $86400 for that day
– we cannot transfer money, we may only spend it
– the prize can be discontinued at any time, with or without warning. Even in the middle of the day
– there is no way to run for another prize

What would we do? Use all the money, to benefit our beloved ones and us? If so, let’s start doing it, here and now, because we already won this lottery, it is called time in a day! Each of us is given 86,400 seconds as a gift of life, and when the day finishes, any unused time is gone. What we haven’t lived up that day is forever lost. Yesterday is forever gone! And there is no guarantee about tomorrow. Each day the number of seconds available is refilled, but this can stop at any time, with or without warning. So, what are we going to do with these 86,400 seconds? Aren’t they worth so much more than the same amount in dollars/Euro/Pounds/material possessions/etc.?

Think about that: ket’s enjoy every second of our life, because time goes much faster than we think. Let’s actively enjoy time, instead of trying to fill our time with passive activities. Let’s make the only investment which really count, the investment in meaning. Yes, almost everything is possible in life and the sky is the limit, however not everything can be achieved at the same time, because our main resources (time and energy) are limited, so let’s set our priorities based on our values. Let’s budget our time and talents, let’s take control of those 86,400 seconds, starting here and now! Let’s give time, and meaningful attention, to the people who count for us!

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