Vancouver was confirmed as the World’s Most Liveable City 2011 by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. And the news about this is spreading all around the world. This is a press-review:
Vancouver rated most livable city; Toronto fourth
Vancouver has been selected as the world’s most livable city, while Toronto remained the fourth most attractive place to live, according to the Economist magazine.

The Economist Intelligence Unit says Vancouver earned 98 out of a possible 100 points when judged on the city’s stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

[…] Vancouver retained the title for the fifth straight year, while Toronto remained fourth for the third straight time. It was ranked fifth highest the two previous years.
Vancouver named world’s most livable city: Being able to sustain ranking given by The Economist magazine will be ‘a constant watch’

For the fifth year in a row, Vancouver has been named the most livable city in the world.

Still riding an Olympic high from hosting the 2010 Winter Games, the city beat out Melbourne, Australia and Vienna, Austria as the place where people would prefer to live if they could choose anywhere in the world.

Two other Canadian cities, Toronto and Calgary, also made the Economist Intelligence Unit’s top 10 list at fourth and fifth respectively.

[…] “It’s something as a Vancouver resident it’s wonderful since you have your own set of glasses to look through. Given what this means to visitors, this means the city has all the right attributes. But being able to sustain something like that is a constant watch. It has to be top of mind that we do not let something like that slip.”

Congratulations to Vancouver and all Vancouverites!

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  • Jeff says:

    Unfortunately, Vancouver is also the third least affordable city on Earth:

  • Frank says:

    Good point Jeff, housing is not cheap in Vancouver. One reason may be the constant influx of new residents, coming from all parts of, and outside, Canada. But there are also other reasons. Feel free to share here your observations, and solutions. THANKS!

  • Jeff says:

    I’m no economist, but I assume there’s a connection between both of these news stories: Vancouver is awesome to live in, so everyone wants to live there, which means they can charge outrageous prices, so it sucks to live there, especially if you aren’t rich. Both can be true at the same time, I suppose.

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